Qutaybah Jubouri accused the presidency of the parliament primacy of self-interest on the interest of the people
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{Baghdad - Ambassador: News}

Iraqi Prime coalition free Dr. Qutaybah Jubouri vote on the members of the Electoral Commission as the final nail that the accuracy of the heads of blocs and the Presidency of the Council of Representatives in the coffin of democracy in Iraq.

He said in a strongly worded statement: "The passing vote on the members of the Electoral Commission in this way run away from the logic of democracy is an insult to serious will of the Iraqi people by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the heads of political blocs, devoting to prevail personal interest on the interest of the Iraqi people."

He added: "We have followed with awe and pain and facts representative flagrant purposes and intentions that occurred yesterday in the House of Representatives, which supposedly Council represents the people's authority, and is a shame to waste in front of us all the sacrifices of the Iraqi people since 2003 and to this day at the moment overcome the partisan interests on the public interest, and that we are truly concerned about the fate of democracy in Iraq. "

He pointed out: "The passing vote on the nine candidates for the election commission did not reflect only the dark side of the quotas political penetrated in the heart of the political process under the auspices of some who consider themselves the heads of political blocs, has proved those they do not care, but their personal interests at the expense of the interests of the Iraqi people, they want continue through the Office of the elections is independent pose according to their will, to keep the same people who control the Iraqi political scene. "

And: "These practices that lack any direction and national is we've gone more than a year to leave the Iraqi List, without irreversible, as can not we can offer something to those who gave us their trust in the elections under the mantle of a national project fake subject to transactions political and behind the scenes."

He continued: "We hope that we see of Mr. Speaker Osama Najafi role neutral as head of the legislative authority and not a leading role in political bloc certain, but we found ourselves at the Parliament is far from the will of the people except for some who were steadfast in their principles and refused to be dragged behind the trends and partisan Ketloah ".

He called Jubouri Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to: "move toward majority government policy takes into account the representation of all provinces without exception, and form a parliamentary bloc of the various components representing all Iraqi people, without exception," and urged members of the House of Representatives: "accountability Speaker role is neutral practiced by passing the vote on those commissioners. "

He commended Jubouri: "MPs Salahuddin province who have expressed their displeasure and their rejection of these practices contrary to the directions of their constituents from the province, which lost due the middle of this political deals, as sought by both expressed his rejection of her," calling the Iraqi people to: "be aware and realize that these people do not represent the suffering of the people and not the level of sacrifices, especially after he revealed what they are in front of everyone and it turns out they were trading with the blood of innocent people, which requires being ostracized in the next stage, and not to give them their votes in the upcoming elections. "