Talabani returns .. To revive a political solution to the crisis conference

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Author: the future of Iraq

09/18/2012 12:00 am

BAGHDAD / future Iraqi
President Jalal Talabani arrived to Sulaymaniyah his residence and his party, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) yesterday, to initiate contacts with the leaders of the political forces in order to hold a conference to resolve the political crisis in the country, which had called him before his departure. Talabani Cistans the views of political leaders on the possibility of holding a conference to resolve the political crisis is expected about five months ago. Talabani agreed with House Speaker Osama Nujaifi during a telephone conversation on 27 of last month at a meeting of the three presidencies after his return to the country. Talabani was invited to a conference of political forces in the country in order to resolve the political crisis which saw the failed attempts to withdraw confidence from the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. The Talabani announced on the sixth of last March an agreement with political leaders to convene a conference to resolve the political crisis in the country on the fifth of April. Talabani said "that after deliberations and extensive consultations with al-Maliki and with other leaders and political figures, it was decided to convene a meeting National fifth day of April and called the Preparatory Committee in charge of preparing for the meeting to expedite the completion of its work and the creation of the work program ahead of schedule. "has stopped the meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference mid-March after four meetings failed during which the Commission in determining the deadline for conference crisis or agreement on the agenda work, because of differences between the political forces, and all the achievements of the meetings they had received papers proposed for the conference provided by the major political blocs to participate, the National Coalition and the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance. They are trying the main political blocs three resolve the political crisis raging between them on a range of contentious issues, notably the non-completion of the application of the Erbil which formed the government, as well as themes emerged as a problem dealing with the demands of some provinces to form regions, as well as the indictment of Vice President and leader of the coalition in Iraq Tariq al-Hashimi of committing "terrorist acts" and the issuance of a warrant for his arrest and his move late last year to stay in the Kurdistan region, which refused to extradite him to the federal authorities, then sentenced recently .. In addition to the problems between the territorial government and the federal government, including the failure to issue the law of oil and gas regulating the powers of the Federal Government and the Government of the Territory and the delay in the implementation of constitutional article 140 dealing with the fate of Kirkuk and other disputed territories to their subordination between Baghdad and Erbil