CBI decides to diversify fiscal policy in 2013
Monday, 17 September 2012 15:58 | PDF | Print | E-mail


Baghdad (AIN) -The Central Bank of Iraq decided to diversify "The financial policies in 2013 through selling gold bullions and governmental and foreign bonds to the citizens."

The Deputy Head of the CBI, Mudhir Mohamed Salih, stated to AIN "The Central Bank of Iraq decided not to depend only on selling the foreign currency of US Dollar for the banks but also to adopt varied fiscal policies in 2013 through selling the gold and governmental bonds directly to the citizens."

Salih pointed out that "The CBI is preparing to grant licenses for a company named Investment Funds Licenses to promote the financial transactions of the gold bullions and bonds to the citizens."

Earlier, the Parliamentary Financial Committee has called upon the CBI to decrease the exchange prices of the foreign currency to reduce the prices of the goods in the Iraqi markets. /End/