Sabah al-Saadi: state-Maliki account and punishment will end because it took advantage of the Constitution and the uniqueness of power

Male independent MP and member of the Integrity Committee for the National Alliance Sabah al-Saadi, that the country faces unique power the framework unconstitutional, and troubled parliamentary in the legislation of laws and control over state institutions and theft covers various of the funds allocated for reconstruction and construction.
Saadi told (of the Agency news) announced today that the cause of setbacks the country's political and security and service is minds dictatorship, which leads the country (according to him), and that influenced through their representatives in the House of Representatives on the lack of approval of Laws and linked compromises and political coverage on thefts.
added become the country needs to force the integrity to stand in the administrative and financial corruption that occurred people killed and left poverty and Alaosalve suffer a wide range of people.
between the government treats Sir country which governs the parish, and the elimination surrounded completely and guns government threatened in various ways and means.
Abizaid and saying we will not after (6) years of the reign of al-Maliki completed one project, in its mandate, which expires account and punishment , because it took advantage of the Constitution, which grants broad powers to the Prime Minister to provide services and security.