And former oil minister suggested the use of the UN to monitor the implementation of the agreement between the governments of Arbil and Baghdad on oil
Date: 16/09/2012 05:34:30 Sunday

Baghdad (news) .. suggested former oil minister Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, the ratification of the agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal government in the Council of Ministers accompanied by oil experts and representatives from the UN's commitment to implement all the terms of the agreement by the parties otherwise you will not do any good this Agreement .

Uloum said (of the Agency news): The agreement, signed between the two governments and federal Kurdistan on oil is an encouraging initiative to settle the differences between the two parties, but remain topical solutions and partial, because it has been an agreement similar to him at the beginning of last year and stopped working out after a period Soon, through lack of commitment to the provincial government the terms of the Convention and in turn stopped the federal government to pay dues to companies operating in the region.

pointed to: that the differences between the governments in Baghdad and Erbil on oil continuously since (2006) can not be such a interim agreements address the crisis only on condition petroleum hiring professionals and representatives from the United Nations to monitor the implementation of the Convention by all parties after ratification by the Council of Ministers. This has been agreed governments federal and Kurdish initially on the settlement of disputes occurring between them over oil, through the agreement on export (200) thousand barrels of oil from the Kurdistan against the payment of all dues to companies operating in the region by the federal government. :