Paradox in law infrastructure .. Detected half a billion dollars a mistake by the government in the collection of the required projects
Sunday, September 16 / September 2012 18:10

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} parliamentary sources revealed that the committee charged with preparing a report infrastructure law before submitting it to a vote surprised that there is a big mistake in the collection of the amount allocated for strategic projects.

The source told {Euphrates News} that "the government has shown in the draft law that what you want is $ 37 billion, but the Commission and when collecting the required amount coverage of the projects turned out to be 36 billion and a half billion which Born surprising number of deputies of the inaccuracy of the government in such a things strategy. "

The source added that "MP Riad Ghraib, has warned the government to such an error has been submitted to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the ministers and advisers."

Government has been unable to respond to this error.

The Iraqi Council of Representatives announced today the postponement of the vote on the law infrastructure to further notice.

The House planned Bassima Boutros told {Euphrates News} today that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided not to include the law in infrastructure agenda on Monday," indicating that "the law postpone until further notice."

She noted that "lack of political consensus on the enactment of this Act prevented a vote at a meeting on Monday."

The Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki attended the parliamentary session for the day on Saturday, accompanied by the Ministers of Planning Ali Shukri and financial Rafie al-Issawi and Chairman of the Iraqi Investment Sami al-Araji, a number of legal advisers to the House of Representatives after lifting demand Aadmn hosted Saturday at this meeting for the purpose of clarification and to persuade members of the House of Representatives Law infrastructure after the rejection of the majority of the members of the law so as not to flood Iraq debt, as happened during the former regime to the present day. ended

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