Raad Dahlaki: General Amnesty Law backbone of reforms
Saturday, September 15 / September 2012 22:10

[Baghdad - where]

Said the Iraqi List MP Raad Dahlaki, that the general amnesty law is the backbone of the reforms.

He told all of Iraq [where] "The general amnesty law in the final stage of completion, and sent to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives, to vote on it."

Dahlaki criticized "some deputies in the promotion of state law, as in the case of general amnesty law passed in the parliament, and the audio, it does not implemented", adding that this puts a question mark on the independence of the judiciary in this aspect. "

He explained that "the highest legislative authority of the executive branch, how prescribed law, challenged by the court discriminatory, nor implemented by the judiciary, this must stand on the matter and find out the real causes and reasons for non-implementation of the law in the event of approval."

The House of Representatives decided to postpone the vote on the draft amnesty law until further notice, after it was scheduled to be voted on at the meeting last Thursday, due to the agreement of the political blocs around him .

The MP for the coalition of state law, Abdul Salam al-Maliki announced that his coalition would not be allowed to pass the amnesty law as it stands, while announced the Liberal bloc parliamentary of the Sadrist movement readiness general amnesty law to a vote in parliament, demanding everyone "not to bid political him." Ended 2