Finance Committee to discuss with the delegation of the International Fund volatility happening in Iraqi currency auction

The Committee discussed the financial parliamentary headed by MP Haider al-Abadi and the presence of members of the economic and investment commission with a delegation from the International Monetary Fund volatility winning the auction Iraqi currency and exchange rate and balance of 2013.
said a council statement, Saturday, that during the meeting, they discussed ways to practice to stop oscillation happening in price exchange in the auction Iraqi currency and keep the price stable currency compared at the dollar, as well as discuss the process of smuggling money and how to combat it and the possibility of the Iraqi Central Bank to bridge the local market need of the currency and the federal budget for 2013.
For his part, the delegation's willingness International Monetary Fund for their assistance in solve these things and strive to keep up with the work of the Central Bank of Iraq and its support in the work to maintain the Iraqi currency and the exchange rate to serve the citizen and the prosperity of the Iraqi economy.