Maliki's [where]: We asked Parliament to expedite the approval of the oil and gas law
Saturday, September 15 / September 2012 15:31

[Baghdad - where]

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the House of Representatives to expedite the approval of the oil and gas law.

Maliki said in replying to a question a reporter and all of Iraq [where] during a press conference held in the parliament building after a session hosted on the draft law infrastructure "We asked the Speaker and members of parliament quickly pass the law of oil and gas because the problem will not be confined between the center The Kurdistan region but it will with many oil-producing provinces. "

He added that "the recent meeting between Baghdad and Erbil resulted in positive steps and agreement to solve the problems outstanding and pay dues to companies operating in Kurdistan were not the only problem between Gmuten, but the relationship between the two sides need to organize through legal mechanisms through oil and gas law to override any differences or future problems. "

He announced Thursday an agreement Federal Gmuten and the Kurdistan region in the payment of foreign oil companies operating in the region for the latter to raise its production to 200 thousand barrels per day. Ended 2.