Sources for the "long": Najafi MPs warned of embarrassment in parliament

Date: Saturday 15/09/2012 09:48 am

 Baghdad / Wael grace
hosts the House of Representatives on Saturday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to discuss infrastructure law, a number of MPs demanded to attend the security chiefs, accompanied by al-Maliki to discuss the security situation and the violations that have occurred in the past week. At a time when most likely a member of the state law that is trying some political blocs Jr.

Prime Minister to other topics agreed on the agenda in order to embarrass him. Said informed sources from within the parliament on Friday that will be hosting discussion on specific infrastructure law, and parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi warned MPs from raising any question off-topic.

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives decided, last Tuesday, host Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during its meeting to be held next Saturday, at his request, to discuss infrastructure law.

The Investment Committee and the economy parliamentary revealed at the beginning of this month, for that reason not to vote the political blocs on the law reconstruction of infrastructure and service sectors, is fear that exploits it in favor of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki election, stressing that the law is necessary to eradicate the housing crisis and the implementation of delayed projects.

And demanded the National Alliance MP Susan Saad, on Friday, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to bring security chiefs during a session hosted by the Parliament on Saturday to discuss the deteriorating security situation and stand on the most important obstacles that prevent Asttbabh.

Said Saad in a statement received "long" copy of "security breaches large recent addition financial and administrative corruption in the security institutions as well as the spread of arms in the central and southern governorates, requires Brookwood security file discussed with members of the House of Representatives."

"The presence of al-Maliki to parliament an opportunity to brief the Council on the most important impediments to the restoration of security and research the possibility of harnessing all the capabilities and potential for that."

She noted that "despite the importance of law infrastructure in the reconstruction of the country, but the security file is a critical necessity to be discussed and overcome all the obstacles that lie ahead," pointing out that "it is not possible to be rebuilding and developing the country without that there will be security environment stable support the process of reconstruction and construction. " The Interior Ministry accused al-Qaeda of being behind the bombings in eight provinces, and considered that the bombings "sectarian" and designed to stir up sedition, pointed out that the ongoing battle against terrorism.

And a series of bombings hit improvised car bombs and armed attacks a number of cities Sunday (9 September 2012), and security sources confirmed and healthy, that 442 people had been killed and wounded, including soldiers and police officers.

He guessed deputy state law, Hussein al-Asadi can try some blocs in parliament to embarrass Maliki questions outside the agenda of the meeting.

Asadi In connection with the "long" stressed that "Maliki is asked parliament attendance to discuss and address the infrastructure," said, "The government can not to complete its work and provide services and 70% of the overall budget and operational behavior towards salaries and other supplies."

Asadi said, "The government is seeking to implement projects in a way that payment on credit, where the executing companies hand over the project and five years after the start the payment process." The Asadi "The prime minister is keen not to distract parliament talking about the security file and ministries of security and political movement and prefers to remain modern in Multi infrastructure," likely do some deputies from political blocs asking questions to the prime minister for security breaches "mean from behind embarrassment or send messages to their audiences, "expected to be raising the issue of a general amnesty and the cases of detainees in prisons."

He Asadi "said host Prime Minister came late after asking the latter of the House of Representatives several times to accept hosted to talk about the security file and the service, but according to the described" the obstacles come by the President of the House of Representatives, but after improve the atmosphere between the parties and found acceptable to the host " .

He met Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi last August, described the decision of the House of Representatives Mohammed Khalidi meeting "as good and friendly," he said, adding that he discussed several issues, the most important relationship between the legislative and executive powers, accountability and justice and amnesty.

In contrast did not see the independent MP Jawad Albzona mind an allocation of another session of Prime Minister to discuss on the topic of security breaches.

Albzona confirmed yesterday the "long": that the meeting will be dedicated to research infrastructure bill. Adding, "The President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi to ask the agreement with Maliki to open discussions about security breaches." He Albzona that "Maliki may talk about other aspects, especially security after finishing discuss infrastructure", following "I do not see mind an allocation another session of Prime Minister to talk about the security side, as do the governments of other countries to come Prime Minister and his ministers to parliament each week to discuss the obstacles and achievements. " The MP said the Iraqi Hamza Alkrtani "of priority that hosted Prime Minister in the House of Representatives in order to search in security breaches."

He Alkrtani yesterday "long" that "political forces that hold the reins of power in the country to refrain from revealing the circumstances of security incidents," he said, adding "we still do not know the culture of hosting and questioning in parliament."

Promised the Iraqi List, Friday, infrastructure bill "open the door" financial corruption, refusing to vote on the approval of the House of Representatives. The country suffers from dilapidated infrastructure in all sectors as a result of long years of siege and war during the last two decades of the last century.

Despite the passage of nine years on the overthrow of the former regime, successive governments have been unable to provide basic public services to the citizens, and which often protesting the lack of it.