Barzani and Burns discuss the political crisis in Iraq and the situation in Syria

Published 14/09/2012 09:44 AM

Arbil - "arenas of Liberation" from Dilshad Abdul Rahman
With a large delegation continues Kordestani in Washington, relations between the region and the U.S. government, research head of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani with William Burns, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State march of the political crisis in Iraq and the differences between the central government and the province.
Barzani met Burns and his accompanying delegation on Thursday presented during the meeting, "a provincial point of view on the crisis and how to handle problems between Baghdad and Erbil," and expressed condolences to the U.S. government to assassinate its ambassador in Libya.

Barzani future Burns

The two sides also discussed the development of relationships including in the public interest for both parties, as also discussed the situation in the region in general and the Syrian crisis in particular.
For his part, Burns said he hoped to address the problems and in accordance with the Constitution and agreements, stressing his country's commitment to cooperate and work with the Kurdistan region and the country's appreciation to the efforts of Barzani in order to address the problems.