Kurdistan: a roadmap implemented by Talabani after his return

On: Friday 09/14/2012 07:00 am

 Baghdad / term
confirmed the MP for the Kurdistan Alliance longings dry road map that features that occur by President Jalal Talabani, will be general and in the framework of the Iraqi constitution, and in accordance with the agreements, according to the meetings that took place in Erbil and Najaf. She said, "The map will be used by President Jalal Talabani, include reconsider the reform paper, according to the articles of the Constitution,"

Noting that "There are talks new collection political parties and unify their position regarding the political crisis and problems, so there will be dialogue unconstitutional and agreements concluded."
and showed dry that "the reform paper prepared viewed personally and not officially," expressing the belief that "the initiative The President Jalal Talabani respect the Constitution and the agreements concluded between the political parties in the meetings of Arbil and Najaf. " She added that "the national meeting will be the port to resolve outstanding problems, especially constitutional problems referred to by President Jalal Talabani, which included problems between the KRG and the federal government, so there is an implicit reference to the solutions all the problems, whether between the political blocs or between the governments in Baghdad and the region and, according to the text the Constitution of Iraq. "
admitted Deputy for the rule of law that there is a clear skeptical reform paper by some political forces, including the parties within the National Alliance. And detect the presence of meetings "undeclared" in Erbil, Najaf and Baghdad to Tndij ideas and visions, intended to resolving outstanding matters and end the differences between the political blocs, stressing that the political body of the National Alliance, confirmed that vision consistent with all political visions existing blocks other.
by Last explained MP for the coalition of state law Salam al-Maliki, that several meetings were held, and it was agreed that other, and last meetings ensure put all the existing problems and displayed in front of the political body of the National Alliance, noting that everyone waiting for the return of the President to provide a vision of the National Alliance to about reform paper that will be presented as a proposal to the National Forum. He said that the reform paper is not paper write or publish or announce through the media, as far as representing agreement includes reform the entire political process and the implementation called for the President, being a sponsor of the Constitution and the proposal to resolve differences through national meeting bulk, which will be held after the return of President Talabani and present a paper to reforms.
said "there was a" stampede "between the political blocs reflected a negative impact on the Iraqi arena and was the first victim when the Iraqi citizen." He said Maliki as saying: "When prepared political blocs comprising the National Alliance, and reform paper, did not respond to include conditions or agreements as they are included for the positions and claims, have emerged from the differences that have occurred in recent times, which has reached a level of planning for" the withdrawal of confidence "for Prime Minister. " Maliki confirmed that "all disputes will be resolved under the tent of the Constitution," stressing "the existence of meetings and dialogues between the symbols of the political arena." The al-Maliki as saying: "There are reforms require a meeting between the political parties are likely to be resolving the issue of political differences." However, saying: "there are differences that need to legislative door to solve and there are issues that need time to be resolved as a matter of constitutional reforms," ​​noting that "there is a high probability postponed to the next election cycle from the age of parliament for being prickly." He also said: "The National Alliance has a clear vision and a roadmap." He said, "Some of the political blocs have come to realize that the reform paper is the closest to a solution or rather the end of the road for all outstanding disputes and problems."