Terminal: It is not wise to link all things return President Talabani because everyone is interested in resolving the political crisis : The MP said the citizen's parliamentary bloc Habib Terminal "it is not wise to link all things the return of President Jalal Talabani, because everybody is interested in resolving the existing political crisis in the country.

The Terminal Wednesday that "everyone is interested in finding solutions to the current political crisis, not the president Talabani alone despite the fact that his presence is necessary and important for the collection of the political parties at the table calm dialogue and transparent and realistic citizen ultimate goal in all accounts."

He noted that with the return of President Talabani to the country from a trip treatment in Germany will hold meetings with the blocks all the leaders will be paper political reforms made by the National Alliance the most important things to be discussed where it includes a clear vision for all the problems plaguing the country at the present time.

The deputies close to Talabani announced that next week will see the return of Talabani, who had surgery on the knee and then underwent a period of treatment and convalescence in Germany : http://translate.google.com/translat...om%2F29798.htm