The time on Wednesday, September 12 / September 2012 06:30

Baghdad / Orr News

Confirmed leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, that some states openly intervened in Iraq's internal affairs, without call, stressing that the Iraqi coherent and there is no state splits implied.

And moving the center Bri IMN d. Iyad Allawi as saying: "Some regional states openly intervened to obscure the role of Iraqi These countries are trying to gain influence and positions to protect itself and extending its influence taking advantage of the differences that we are with the implementation of the Constitution and with what was agreed upon at political meetings."

It was the first made ​​by Allawi statement to the media the government since the launch of the center Bri a few months ago, and observers believe that the pursuit of the center to obtain a permit from the Iraqi leader, came after criticism leveled political views many of the Iraqi Media Network funded by public money, it accuses of siding with a coalition of state law The leader Nuri al-Maliki.

And based on the movements of the leaders, Allawi said, "Iraq is moving as a single owner of a national project and not at the behest of one, but an agreement and consensus." As for the reform paper said Allawi she "is serious and there is an agreement Arbil is supposed to be implemented and surprised by naming these procedures reforms this is not him, but enforceable if we are to build a state, appointment of the ministers of defense and interior is not an internal system of the Council of Ministers is not reform, but this all the duties of the constitutionality of state-building. " And hosted by the performance of Iraqi ministers Allawi said "I am not satisfied with their performance so far and the political work of the government."