Talabani سيتباحث with blocks to determine the date of the meeting National
Date: Thursday, 09/13/2012 09:57 am

Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah
announced the Kurdistan Alliance for the date and arrival of President Jalal Talabani to Baghdad early next week from Germany, pointing out that it will be intensive talks if he came with all the political blocs in order to put the finishing touches to a national meeting of prospective and develop solutions necessary to get out of the vortex political differences.

On the same level, confirmed leader independent of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, there is no real will to all the political blocs in resolving the political crisis with the country.
while questioned the Iraqi List intentions of some political blocs in achieving national reconciliation project, noting that the intent of the block process reform is to create a new dictatorship and management of the country by a specific destination is not the participation of all Iraqis.
conducted by President Jalal Talabani, in the (June 20, 2012), successful surgery to his knee in a hospital in Germany,.
declared the presidency of Iraq, in the (June 17, 2012) , that President Jalal Talabani arrived in Germany for medical examinations.
suffer Talabani of health crises successive, and had been transferred in 2007 to Hussein Hospital Medical Center in Jordan, which remained there for weeks and then he was transferred for treatment in a hospital in Mayo Clinic in the United States.
said Mahmoud Osman independent MP in the Kurdistan Alliance "long" The solution to the political crisis depends on the will of the political blocs in the Joint Understanding for the development of effective solutions to all outstanding problems, calling for political blocs to develop solutions to the current crisis in accordance with the Iraqi constitution and political agreements. "
and ask President Jalal Talabani in the 18 of last May, the initiative of the political blocs include call for the cessation media campaigns and renounce speech convulsive, and the adoption of the Constitution reference invoked it and respect its clauses, and abiding by the agreements that developed on the basis of which the Government of the current partnership, including the Erbil for the year 2010, and to ensure the independence of the system of electoral and provide all the supplies to ensure the holding of free and fair elections for provincial councils in 2013 and the House of Representatives in 2014, and stick to the fundamentals of the principle of separation of powers and the maintenance of the independence of the judiciary, and to accelerate the adoption of the law of the Federal Court, and complete the implementation of the commitments set forth in the Constitution and the adoption of laws and regulations are essential, such as oil and gas law.