Iraqi candidate for defense and deli order Obeidi silent and ignore Maliki!

The time on Wednesday, September 12 / September 2012 11:12

Baghdad / Orr News
Detect early parliamentary source from within the Iraqi List, the details of the meeting list yesterday, noting that the list of nominated MP Salem deli to take over the defense portfolio.
The source told (Orr) said that "the meeting of the Iraqi List to yesterday, which was attended existing leader Iyad Allawi and some of the leaders Accord Movement discussed mod file and the candidate list for the job," adding that "the meeting was attended by Khalid al-Obeidi frontrunner for Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which was previously and got differences between Iraq and al-Maliki because of his candidacy for the defense portfolio. "
The source confirmed that "the parties demanded Society Obeidi forget the subject of his candidacy for the defense portfolio and refuse any offer or a new nomination by al-Maliki for the job," noting that "al-Obeidi responded to this request and left to the province of Nineveh."
The source pointed out that "the existing nominated at its meeting yesterday, Salem deli to take over the defense portfolio, which will be the only candidate for this office," emphasizing that the job will be exclusively for the Accord Movement headed by Allawi. "
It is said that previous statements by the parties of the Iraqi List, said that yesterday's meeting was a routine now that these sources make it clear that the meeting was aimed at resolving a candidate defense and the expulsion of al-Obeidi from the spotlight at this time.