Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Hamoudi confirms UN official that the paper broader and broader reform of Arbil Agreement

BAGHDAD - babysit - Prime Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee Humam Hamoudi with the United Nations Mission of Support the UNAMI Ndubisa constitutional Abiourah all issues of concern to the democratic project in Iraq and reforms paper presented by the National Alliance to resolve the current political crisis.
A statement from the committee received news agency public opinion (and babysit) a copy of Wednesday: that Hamoudi received on Tuesday the UN official, explained that the reform paper presented by the National Alliance broader and wider than the agreement of Arbil a worksheet for each aspects of the state Almghafool ​​them throughout this period and that looking forward to the people in the period after 2003.

He pointed out that: UN official listened to the truth of what is happening from a determined effort in the House of Representatives for the passage of laws that would help to promote economic development in the country.

He continued: Hamoudi also discussed the mission of the law of the Federation Council International Symposium Iraqi constitutional experience that the Arab League is planning to set up to provide the Iraqi experience of the Arab Spring states experiencing write new constitutions.

He pointed out that Hamoudi With regard to the situation in Syria hinted that Iraq from more countries keen to support the aspirations of the Syrian people will not accept to involve the people in external projects skew the march of those aspirations.