Albraism: political majority government is most suitable option being unconstitutional/THE GAZETTE! : BAGHDAD - babysit - confirmed the MP for the State of Law bloc Jinan Albraism that the opinion of the Government of the political majority is a constitutional opinion of the fittest.

She Albraism in a statement to the news agency of public opinion (and babysit) on Wednesday: "With regard to the problems and political differences, the ideas proposed by the National Alliance of paper repair is very important that the sitting parties politicians to discuss this paper will contribute Bhlhalh conditions and access to the common points and despite all this we see that political majority government is most suitable for this session and future sessions. "

"In the event of any party to the majority that would enable it to form a government, that will be is the best option as this move will be met with opposition constantly evaluate the performance of the government."

The MP for the Iraqi List, Abdul Khader Tahir said that the political majority government is the best solution to resolve political differences ... p / i :