Bahaa al-Araji: Al-Qaeda controlled on the street more than the security services

Said the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji, Monday, that al Qaeda has become owns the street than owned enterprise security, calling for a security conference involving all security leaders present and past, pointing to the existence of many of the Saddamists, terrorists and non-professionals in the security institutions imposes re- consider the restructuring of the security establishment.
explained Araji said Iraq and the Iraqis have passed their days bloody many Unfortunately we and the government suffice denunciation and charges to some security organizations, despite the fact that total subscribers in collapse security either the government or the institutions or the legislative power and the political blocs and their leaders.
, he added from time to time and the other one goes out to the media high-ranking security officials, speaking on the elimination of al-Qaeda and to the survival of only little Flolha, but the opposite is true, and what happened on 09/09/2012 prove it where terrorist bombings have occurred in all Iraqi provinces.
Araji called to hold a security conference involving all security leaders present as well as security experts from security leaders earlier, to take advantage of their expertise and all of his sold in security work and also restructuring in the security institutions as well as cleared of some bacteria.
, and expressed his conviction that there a lot of Saddamists and terrorists as well as non- professionals and non Ulkipaan in the security institutions, and who came by parties after 2003 must therefore reconsider restructuring the security establishment, stressing the need to speed up the selection of the Minister of Defense and Interior and tighten oversight by the House of Representatives and the political blocs to these institutions without interfering in their work and support even tighter control in terms of performance.
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