Iraq: paper Reformation (talisman) for one can not decipher

Published 11/09/2012 10:17 AM

Babinaoz - agencies: Description of the Iraqi List MP Talal Hussein Zobaie paper reform (Btsam), which no one can be deciphered.

Zobaie said that "political parties to learn something about the paper reform and the mechanism through which will make reform because all the Apes on this topic just remarks launches by members of the reform," adding that "paper reform became a (الطلسم) for the rest of the political blocs because they do not know something about the paper and going dialogue on reform. " He Zobaie that "the delay in holding reform is unjustified and raises doubts about the ability of the National Alliance to conduct needed reform and about the existence of paper for reform originally," pointing out that "the National Alliance is fully aware his inability to hold the reform and evidence for that reluctance to put paper or discussed with blocs Alsaasah for the audit observations. "