Iraq asserts that the law on the Council of the Union in connection with the second reading of the United Nations and stressed the importance of

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Monday 10 September 2012 15: 45 GMT


Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama in Tehran

Alsumaria news/Baghdad
Head of the House of Osama in Tehran Monday, the Federation Council, on second reading, while the United Nations indicated that the Federation Council deputies will accomplish its tasks smoothly.

Iraq said in a statement released on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting in his Office on the United Nations Mission in Iraq and received "alsumaria news", "the Council of the Union of the core issues and positive for the purpose of evaluating the political process and the Parliament in the second reading of the law."

Iraq stressed that "the United Nations role in overcoming obstacles, especially technically," thanks to the attention of the United Nations ".

Iraq said that "what is happening in the provinces, particularly in Kirkuk would strengthen the ideological nationalism and nationalism in particular amid escalating political tensions in the region that lead to expanded sectarian crisis."

Internationalist party, discussed "the need for enactment of the Federal Council as can bring federal councils and would reflect the opinion of the provinces and territories to properly House helps to accomplish its tasks smoothly."

Charge d'affaires expressed "deep regret for the some provinces of Iraq today and yesterday from breaches of loss led many lives."

The statement said the parties had discussed many topics, including the formation of the Independent Electoral Commission and other bodies and there is major concern for delay composition, that was a major cause of political enticements behind it, they vow "concern of security crisis and delayed the formation of the Electoral Commission."

The decision of the House of Mohammed Al-Khaldi, said Monday that Parliament will vote in a session Tuesday on the proposal of the law amending the law on the independent High Electoral Commission, as well as reading five laws and the proposed Act.

He was speaker of the House of Osama 's, September 22, 2011, the Federal Council and the upper two different policy Council, stressing the need to implement the Federal Council during the current session of Parliament, noted that Ayad Allawi is greater than that looking for the post.

Article 65 of the Constitution provides that the Legislative Council is created named b (Union Council) composed of representatives of the territories and provinces irregularly the territory, regulates the composition, terms of reference, membership, and everything related to it, the law enacted by a two-thirds majority of the members of the House of representatives.

The Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the 11th of August 2011, not convinced the Council of strategic policies, considering that the Council is the question of accommodation and has no role in the solutions to the political process news.html