Talabani suggested Sulaymaniyah to a national meeting .. After holding Barzani in Arbil and al-Maliki in Baghdad!!

Author: the future of Iraq

10/09/2012 12:00 am

The future of Iraq / special
I learned "Future of Iraq" from informed sources that President Jalal Talabani suggested the province of Sulaymaniyah venue for the National Meeting. The node place has formed one of the barriers that have prevented without convening this meeting, which was scheduled to take place at the invitation of Talabani to come to the dialogue table combines the political parties in the political impact of the crisis that engulfed the Iraqi scene several months ago. The proposal comes Talabani This adds to among other proposals had been raised when the meeting reached the peak of his glory National before Classy star and become forgotten. And stuck to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and supported by Baghdad as the venue for the meeting as the capital of Iraq and must hold all political meetings and conferences concerning the interest of the country. While holding Barzani and his supporters in Arbil as the venue for this meeting as the province which has seen the difficult birth of the current government over its illustrious agreement. Kirkuk were also raised at the invitation of some political parties, but that call has not received an ample share of attention. And probably will turn proposal Talabani also to hold, the other Verwd is attending the national meeting has not been held in Sulaymaniyah. He returned to talk about the national meeting to the fore again in conjunction with the relative calm witnessed Iraqi political situation. Maliki refuses to go to Erbil, while Barzani refuses to come to Baghdad after sharp differences arose between the two parties known for months ago. It seems that Talabani be felt Sulaymaniyah-based national meeting was held on the basis of the idea that she might be accepted by everyone because the political party stationed which was not a party in political disputes. This shows that no one indifferent to the fact that Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and should have privacy and outstanding value to embrace such a occasions. It may be the motive behind it that some consider to Baghdad as a party to the conflict, not the seat of political meeting. Perhaps would persist in dealing with capital as this would reduce the prestige at home and abroad, have percolated to nibble other provinces, in the event has been held that meeting in the province is Baghdad, to start بالتعاطي with Baghdad as dealing with the provinces of Kurdistan now, and so will the era of jet Petty within the State of Iraq, which will help to repeat penetrate the Iraqi national sovereignty on the way and Turkish Foreign Minister and his visit to Kurdistan and then Kirkuk without passing through the capital