Urgent IMF delegation discussing economic situation and the work of the Central Bank of Iraq
Date: 2012-09-10 16: 57: 56 Monday

Baghdad (News) ...House speaker discussed Osama Abdul Aziz Iraq in a library, with a delegation of IMF economic policy and his last in support of the Central Bank of Iraq.
And the President's Office said in a statement received in Tehran (News Agency news) on Monday: the head of the delegation commended the role of the House of representatives to improve the country's economy through the preservation of the independence and impartiality of the Central Bank and the adoption by Parliament of observations on the 2012 budget.

With regard to the work of the Central Bank of Iraq President Iraq saying: "the policy adopted by the Bank had considered by some conservative policy, but under the turbulent regional situation politically, economically and socially to be adopting this method, especially in the presence of conviction that the dollar is leaking out of the country illegally."

It added: he was talking about the difference in exchange rates between the sales of Central Bank dollar trades in the Iraqi market, Tehran: the need to facilitate procedures for citizens ' access to the currency from the Central Bank, in particular in critical situations such as treatment, study and scholarship.

The statement noted: that the delegation commended the observations raised by the speaker of the House and that they stand ready to help in this area. /Finished/s. p/