Economic Analyst: The idea of ​​establishing markets for securities in all provinces will support the national economy

09.10.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) suggested economic analyst Ibrahim al-Mashhadani, the establishment of markets for securities in all provinces like Arbil, because it will support the national economy by giving an active role for the private sector, provided that all linked market Baghdad to move away from financial speculation. Mashhadani said (of the Agency news) today Monday: The step Kurdistan open market for securities in Erbil good because it will allow the opportunity for businessmen and companies to enter it strongly, calling for circulation in all Iraqi provinces, the presence of businessmen and companies in all provinces, what will serve the economy and the private sector will support manufacturers. added: must develop an electronic device connects all bourses Iraqi place any in Baghdad market to prevent financial speculation which always occur in the securities markets between traders and companies, because they strain the national economy and cause him harm. announced the Securities Commission for the end of preparations for the opening of stock Erbil, which will be under the supervision of market Baghdad exclusively to prevent the entry front companies, stressing that Iraq does not need to open markets in all provinces. began the Iraq Stock Exchange preparations preliminary for membership global market for securities, also announced the start electronic filing of corporate foreign investment and local rather than filing paperwork. and began Exchange Iraq operations in 2004, and shifted from manual trading to use screens handle electronic in 2009 and opened for trading two hours a day five days a week, and the banking sector is the largest in the stock market, which also includes shares of industrial companies and insurance companies, hotels and agricultural companies.

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