Date: 2012-09-09 11: 36: 58 Sunday
CBI Act process delete zeros to stop economic objections to the project

Baghdad (News) Member of the Finance Committee/National Alliance MP Abdul Hussein Al-yasiri,/the Central Bank cautiously question delete zeros of the Iraqi currency, the large economic objections to this project.

He said Al-yasiri (News Agency news) on Sunday: that the deadline for the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency was agreed at the beginning (2013), the Central Bank and retreat to process time is unknown because of the objections of some economists of a collapse in the national currency.

He added: to stop information campaign for the deletion of zeros to make the Central Bank takes the position of silence about the process, and called on the Federal Government and the Ministry of finance and the Central Bank to take a final position of delete zeros and time information to replace the currency to reduce frauds that have spread dramatically.

Confirmed: that the deletion of zeros from the currency would reduce the money supply and prevent Iraq from a State with density and mass market transactions in cash to block more credit and smaller. :