Newspaper says Saddam term better than Maliki!!
Date: Friday 09/07/2012 06:21 am

Winery often unsung poets of the time of ignorance to the present day with the poets were يوصفوا winery and images that Astrunha in Abyatem noodles were express high culture society and governance and the different sects and ideas and beliefs and the beauty of women and the language of the market and the Kings interests of traders and politicians .. And so I come out poetry enchants mind, so he became the spokesman language and declared their cultural identity, and poets mostly not Aaagher winery or drink but some religious people but they were Mrhvi sense and conscience did not say except what يحسوا it and know how it Qraham of images received listener Faihsabhm drunk like they Biskary. They represented the vanguard intelligentsia that explain if the nation's cultural and social level without waiting AED or JD from the governor, but if it's about praising Sultan They did not leave their words "freebee" was dirham and the dinar is the goal when Aikla praise and praise and give referees tournaments false, and those usually were Sultan of tile and those stationed on the doorstep. The general category and the majority of the poets were with people express their experience and their hopes and aspirations and deliver their applications to the ears of the rulers, many of them expose themselves to harassment and prosecutions. This category intelligentsia represented by layer poets people they see conditions Vtsdh Bmqaltha noodles to carry ruling on the noble values ​​which raise man to put dignity and pride, Fasthakoa that they representatives of the people deserved not see one of them make his main concern only in the fight against the rulers is to defend highball or corruptive or what is termed today "white slave traders" and vernacular "pimps" or roll cranks Naaqi Almkrvonat called falsely singers. The occasion of this speech is the revolution and the uprising and boom that took the so-called Palmthagaf Almatash money stolen oil in Kurdistan by Alakjakja Massoud Barzani and aid members of the Communist Party stolen in the eighties of the last century by Alatoa great "Fakhri Karim Zangana," where left us this writer who malt from the Middle East, London-based Saudi Arabia and other Arab newspapers money oil falling on London brothels where Tlaagafha this writer, having tired of it .. Bosoh to Iraq to organize the choir eaters fitting overseen by the advantaged who teaches magic in Forum extent to which he was in charge that arises whenever exposed liquor and honor slave White and Naaqi Almkrvonat to harassment by the government, which is trying to win for the citizen who ml who Attouhon at midnight After they came out of brothels nightclubs scattered without leave formal neighborhoods, which closed recently in the Karrada Street Abi Nawas who was unsung Balkhmrh is not abused and when he was standing in front of the ruling was to San people's right to lift the injustice and restore their dignity, and did not read to him one day that he defended closed pub or swamping House brothel in a good and safe time. The cultured today and the former communist "Adnan Hussein" Vhaj and rose up to tell us that Saddam did not prevent winery did not prevent corruption and white slave, but he was democratically with these issues because he simply does not care what robs human dignity and the citizen and the honor of Iraqi women because he is not honor him. Not grieved much for this comparison between Saddam's regime and al-Maliki because I know Adnan Hussein since he was a communist and how turned writer lasting Middle East "progressive" Saudi Arabia, which see the bars and discos in every street, so we did not see any comments to this writer at the time, but that even When spread manifestations of Islamic and killed girls for scratching honor and burned shops liquor in Kurdistan by the Islamic Movement and the Islamic Union of Kurdistan, did not raise the matter sense Adnan Hussein, how, and his benefactor Massoud Barzani, who allied with the devil in order to consolidate the rule of family Alborzanah, not Istther mettle or emotions nothing of this, but I think he "Attotah" in Abu Nawas in nightclubs closed by security forces and his friends sing his (Adnan mind him ... Flosse Aerk Moo him) was reeling from this situation, but when awakened, "Abu Nabil" am where took him colleague Koicb "column VIII" to house the evening to complete the term there .. Vvaq still winery play head to advise him "Fakhri Karim" to do as he does every morning while breaking Chmarih cup from reddish to spend his day does not know something that comes evening and write what makes Maliki is worse than Saddam because he comment nightclubs and shops liquor in. .. Here vomited us, "Adnan Hussein" decoration say essay shameful reflect the thanks and remember how in the days of Saddam did not mean to him what one meant his owners yesterday, was not awarded as well as the rivers of blood that spilled tyrant of Baghdad has shown his dictatorship, also did not pay any attention to the hundreds of thousands of victims who Cyproa who alive in mass graves was time witness, while Adnan Hussein dirty quick-paced with an article praising irritability Saddam, not for nothing, just because of the former regime was not subjected to alcohol nor to the white meat.