Khandan - questioned seriously the efforts of political parties political reform put forward by the National Alliance in a paper prepared in this regard.

The spokeswoman said the Iraqi List, Maysoon al, "The option to withdraw confidence from the government still stands, unlikely to find solutions to ongoing disputes between political forces due to different positions within the powers of the National Alliance in this regard."

Damluji confirmed in an interview with "Radio Sawa", "the importance of activating the national reconciliation project to ensure the participation of all forces in the political decision-making.

For his part, said a spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance supporter Tayeb reform paper adopted by the National Alliance did not show up on the political blocs, reiterated the alliance's call for the adoption of the Erbil agreement concluded by the political forces before the formation of the current government.

The MP for the National Alliance Habib Terminal The incompatibility of the political blocs has exacerbated differences and disrupt the process of political reform, expressing the hope that the coming days would witness a breakthrough in the political crisis.