Full and complete return to the diplomatic relations between Iraq and Libya
علي عبد سلمان - 06/09/2012م - 11:16 ص | عدد القراء: 23

Ali Salman - 09.06.2012 - 11:16 AM |

A statement by the Foreign Ministry today the resumption of relations between Iraq and Libya, the statement said return was "the culmination of the contacts and understandings that took place this year at the highest and various levels and translation realistic and keen mutually to establish closer and broader relations between the two countries in all fields to serve the issues and common interests of the two brotherly peoples."
He said it was "comes from the historical relations between the two brotherly peoples and their conviction demise reasons and circumstances that had led to the freezing of diplomatic relations between the two countries and recognizing the importance of direct communication through diplomatic channels resident and can contribute to its active role in the dissemination of understanding and expand areas and prospects cooperation between the two countries. "

The statement continued, "As a result of the talks held in Cairo on 09.05.2012 was agreed between the Foreign Minister in the government of the Republic of Iraq, Hoshyar Zebari, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Libyan government Saad bin imagination to resume full diplomatic relations between the two countries at the level of ambassador and will each party providing the necessary facilities for the other party in order to speed up the opening of the missions of the two capitals and enable them to carry out their tasks as soon as possible ".
He said "the announcement of this agreement is simultaneously Baghdad Baasmtin and Tripoli on Wednesday, 05/09/2012."