Net Mutlaq and discuss the general amnesty law and national reconciliation

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, during his meeting with purity of net debt and Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Wednesday, said the general amnesty law contributes to a lot of details re national cohesion and trust between the citizen and the security services as well as the importance of direct issues of reconciliation and civil peace and to maintain the social fabric.

The Director of the Office of the Prime Minister for Services Affairs Mohammed al-Tamimi told / Baghdadiya News / Mutlaq as saying that "the general amnesty law is of great importance to re-glue between the citizen and the national security in a time of serious divisions in the region want to spare Iraq negative repercussions"

"The law contributes significantly to issues of national reconciliation and civil peace and preserving the social fabric," adding that "amnesty Aidao for whose hands are stained with the blood of innocents"

He Tamimi said that "al-Mutlaq and net touched to a number of laws and regulations in the forefront of the public budget and the election commission and accountability of justice," noting "the need legislation a number of laws passed by or سيقرها House of Representatives in particular to overcome the problems that hinder the advancement of the political reality in the country, stressing that" not enacting laws improvisational or progress and reach its goals, which serve the interests of the citizen "

For his part, Mr. Safi expressed his thanks and appreciation to Dr. Mutlaq narratives explaining the importance of the commitment of the political blocs laws and working to change some of them in line with the Iraqi constitution and the interest of the country and current Zervha. انتهى / 66 Finished / 66