An interesting addition to the Iraq Finance Symposium on Sept 18
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Thread: An interesting addition to the Iraq Finance Symposium on Sept 18

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    An interesting addition to the Iraq Finance Symposium on Sept 18

    Thanks to BlueyesinLevis for this information :

    In the


    There is now a letter from

    The Iraq Parlimentary Finance Committee

    giving it's "Full Support" to Shabibi's Conference.

    This is a good thing. Everybody is acting like an adult.


    From the site:

    Calling all global investors !

    The first major event on banking and financial services in Iraq - Iraq Finance 2012-

    will take place on 18-19 September 2012 in London.

    A high-level Iraqi government delegation will engage with leading representatives from global investment, private and commercial banks, insurance companies, energy companies, hedge funds and private equity institutions, to develop a world-class financial industry in Iraq.

    Iraq recognises that without an effective financial system the country cannot pursue its ambitious reconstruction programme. Iraq also recognises that international investment is essential for rebuilding the country's infrastructure and that will only be possible when a sound financial framework is in place. The high-level Iraqi delegation to this event reflects the government's serious intention to move forward and rebuild Iraq's financial sector.

    Iraq Finance 2012 follows Symexco's two hugely successful events carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals - Iraq Mining 2011- and the Ministry of Oil - Iraq Refinery 2012.

    Some agenda information...

    Ministerial addresses : An overview of Iraq’s financial system - mapping out the road ahead

     H.E. Dr Rafi al Issawi, Minister of Finance, Iraq

     H.E Dr Sinan Al-Shabibi, Governor, Central Bank of Iraq, Iraq

     H.E. Dr Haydar Al-Abadi, Chairman, Parliamentary Finance Committee, Iraq

    Key Topics:

     The macroeconomic environment: current position and prospects for the Iraqi Economy.

     The current state of banking and finance in Iraq.

     Policies and strategies of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank for Iraq’s financial sector.

     Structural reforms for banking/financial services and for money and capital markets.

     Iraq’s public finances: revenue generation, fiscal federalism, and budgetary constraints.

     Iraq and the international financial crisis.

     Iraq’s foreign indebtedness and credit-worthiness.


    Keynote Session – Iraq’s Banking sector: mapping out the road ahead

    Keynote speakers

     H.E. Dr Sami Al-Araji, Chairman, National Investment Commission, Iraq

     Ms Hamdiyah al Jaff, Acting General Manager, Trade Bank of Iraq, Iraq

     H.E. Dr Haydar Al-Abadi, Chairman, Parliamentary Finance Committee, Iraq

     Speaker from CBI TBC

    Panel Session 4

    Key Topics

     The current state of banking in Iraq: state-owned, specialised, private, and commercial banks.

     Government priorities for the banking sector and needs for reform and investment.

     How should Iraq’s state-owned banks be restructured and improved?

     Domestic banks and private sector access to finance.

     Consumer and household access to finance.

     Latest developments in Iraqi currency production and development.

     Foreign institutions and the development of Iraq’s private banking sector.


    CAPITAL MARKETS: an engine of growth for Iraq?

    Keynote speaker

     Mr. Taha Abdul Salam- CEO Iraq Stock Exchange

    Plenary Session 7

    Key Topics:

     The current state of capital markets in Iraq.

     Strategies of the Ministry of Finance and Central Bank.

     The Iraq Stock Exchange: Overview, latest developments, and plans ahead.

     Markets and industries presenting highest potential.

     The ISX and Iraq’s privatisation plan.

     Obstacles confronting access to Iraqi capital markets and how to overcome them.

     Institutional and private investor perspectives.

     What incentives are required to encourage Iraqi companies to list on the Exchange?

     Technological enhancements required to support the growth of capital markets.

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    again from BlueyesinLevis :

    Now there is a big "endorsement" of the conference by Maliki on the front of the site as well.

    Post by Carrello about the conference.


    I had registered for the conference site, and just got this email regarding the conference and Maliki:
    ~ Carrello


    Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki endorses Iraq Finance 2012

    :Message received from the Prime Minister's Office

    With respect to your letter to Dr. Hamid Khalaf Ahmad, head of the Prime Minister's Office, and your invitation to the Prime Minister to attend the International Conference and Exhibition on Banking, Finance, and Investment in Iraq, we would like to inform you that His Excellency the Prime Minister welcomes the holding of the Conference and offers his patronage.

    His Excellency, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr Rowsch Nori Shaways, will be present at the Conference and will represent the Prime Minister.

    We wish you success and continuing progress.

    Office of the Prime Minister


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