Save the Saudis hate Nuri al-Maliki?!!

Palm - while increasing Arab governments and their media against the Baghdad government and slanders false Asoukoha against the new Iraq is one way in which seek from behind her intelligence these countries to rally Arab public opinion against Iraq and shipping those peoples sectarian by claiming falsely that the Maliki government is a government entrusted repression, killing and harassment sons Sunni component. and gentle thing is that Saudi Arabia during her article quote you model him protesting the Iraq because he did not pay attention to what it called appeals by human rights groups to stop the execution right terrorists, the same country that prevents up to now Saudi women from driving !!. Bdorenha asked Iraqi news media this author, who did not bother to pay attention to the important and vital point in his article considers what to do in a country where Saudi security situation is confused like Iraq?? The same question we make also Moroccan, Egyptian and Libyan and Tunisian and Jordanian!!. then asked again this writer why Ataatuge question to your government Arabia to come that did a while ago on the execution of a group of Iraqis manner ugly (sword) and all of the executed were from the component Shiite specifically knowing the charge that died because of smuggling and was not terrorism, as is the case charge your fellow citizens who were executed in Iraq. article you .. Save the Saudis hate Nuri al-Maliki by Gasser Abdel Aziz Jasser publication today in the newspaper island Arabia: Save the Saudis hate Maliki! Not only did the government of Nuri al-Maliki to deepen the hatred between the sons of Iraqi society;, where he faces belonging cute doctrinal specific distinctive and clear, reached the extent of deprivation of their judicial; Noting that most of the death sentences issued by Iraqi courts target belonging to the spectrum sectarian, which extended to Arabs living in Iraq after the transfer to Iraqi courts under the so-called Article «four terrorism», and all these Arabs of the sons of the year; to expand hate between members of the Muslim communities; After targeting Iraqis belonging to this doctrine of Arabs spilled targeting to residents who faced all death sentences, and while fleeing the killers and the real terrorists to Iran, who have been driven in a suspicious manner from the prisons of Basra and Rusafa in Baghdad; they belong to the spectrum Sectarian Iraq's ruling, and Pernille terrorist versed in criminality of trainers Party Nasrallah, brought to Iraq to train killers, performs the death penalty in other Arabs; because they are Sunnis, which is what happened to Arab citizens of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, has been implemented in the last days of that provision in 26 Arab prisoners and an Iraqi, and there meal new processed for execution where, although the Commission on Human Rights Council of Representatives of Iraq demanded to stop the death penalty immediately, and asked the Commission on Human Rights Iraqi parliamentary finds strong support from the United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI), which demanded the Iraqi government to stop the moratorium on the death penalty, especially as the strong suspicion goes Iraqi courts as judgmental politicized, and subject to the instructions of the Prime Minister's Office Iraqi; where noted that the United Nations Mission to the death sentences were stationed on the sons and component sectarian one, and ratify the death sentences assigned Vice President Khudair Khuzaie, who became his only ratify the execution in the sons of Sunni Arab Iraqis and the sons of the Arab states, until it became nicknamed in Iraq stand seals penalty. last thing (seal) upon and ratified executed Khudair Khuzaie what has been implemented on Monday August 27 (August), and included twenty-one personally, including three women, according to Article 4 (terrorism), which made ​​it Nuri al-Maliki substance to kill the Sunnis and the exclusion of symbols of leadership, and was followed by the implementation of the death penalty in last meal execution against five others, including two carrying Arab nationality, one Saudi (Mazen Mohammed Nashi adapter heavenly), who was waiting to consider the appeal made ​​by his lawyer, but the ratification Khuzaie already completed the legal procedures. reap necks Muslims of the Sunni Iraqis and Arabs will be long number of Saudis; fact that most Saudi prisoners in Iraq sentenced in accordance with Article (4), a substance that put to get rid of the Sunnis, and punishable by death, which requires moving quickly to claim the Iraqi authorities comply with their commitments, especially after the signing of the exchange of sentenced persons in Iraq and Saudi Arabia, so as not to be executed the remainder of the Saudis in Iraqi prisons, according to the scheme raise hatred and development of hatred practiced by the government of Nouri al-Maliki.