03-09-2012 02:44 PM

Security file dominates the meeting of the National Coalition

Solution -
Held on Sunday a meeting of the Iraqi National Coalition at the invitation of the Islamic Virtue Party headquarters head of the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi, and in the presence of the majority of the components of the National Coalition.
A source inside the meeting said that the meeting discussed a number of files, most notably paper and reform of the security file.

The new participants emphasized that the 'reform from within the National Alliance and we are in the National Coalition emphasize the need for unity of the National Alliance, which is the first reference to the National Coalition and the rule of law and the reforms we are talking about between the political blocs puts the National Coalition need to start from the National Alliance to be within a strong monolithic institution we can go out to one other opinion '.
On the security situation between the source that the meeting stressed the 'need to choose ministers of security, as well as managers security services two years as soon as possible, considering the survival of these important centers which are managed by proxy paid for the Prime Minister and who returns to the National Alliance and he pays the price of the National Alliance; Therefore the National Coalition does not want that responsibility and that's what has been agreed upon and that he will be put at a meeting of the National Alliance strongly of the need to be a time limit to resolve this issue. '
For his part, the head of the Liberal parliamentary Bahaa al-Araji he 'was addressed at the meeting to questions are many and varied from the most important discussion of the rules of procedure, which was decided at the end of the meeting to form a committee of some of the parties and to submit this system to vote at meetings and future meetings'. Araji said 'it was agreed that the presidency of the coalition patrol until the adoption of the rules of procedure National shows mechanism and duration and how to choose the presidency coalition as well as his deputy', noting: he 'was addressed to the issue of Syria as well as the Conference of Non-Aligned held in Tehran and Mrdodath positive and in the region General and emerged clearly and modest, and participants were worried of the tense security situation, particularly in the capital Baghdad. At the end of the meeting participants emphasized the need to support the security establishment.