Monday, September 3, 2012 14:08
Iraq signed a joint cooperation protocol for the creation of a global trade zone

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. The Ministry of Commerce announced on Monday, for the conclusion of a visit Iraqi technical delegation headed by Advisor Ministry Kazem al-Husseini after a visit to the Arab Republic of Egypt for the purpose of training on e-business and all of the activities and services provided by the Egyptian Trade Point.

The ministry said in a statement received by the agency / Baghdadiya News / copy of "the conclusion of the delegation's visit technician who visited Egypt for training in the business of trading of electronic and all the activities and services provided by the Trade Point Egyptian business community to transfer model Egyptian International Trade Point and its application in Iraq to create a Trade Point International Iraq. "
The adviser said the ministry Kazem al-Hassani had been during the visit sign a protocol of cooperation between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Iraq to create the global trade in Baghdad, "adding that" Send delegation for training in Cairo comes within the framework of joint cooperation and at the behest of the Ministry in the establishment of Trade Point in Iraq The request for support from the Egyptian side represented in Egyptian International Trade Point because of its technological expertise and technology developed in the level of training, "alluding to the importance of" training program, which will contribute to the payment and the development of trade and investment relations of the two countries. "He stressed "the pursuit of the Iraqi government to increase the volume of Egyptian investment in Iraq and vice versa through offers all the facilities of visas for traders Egyptians to travel to Iraq," explaining that "Iraq will organize days of the Iraqi economy in mid-October of this year, at the Embassy of Iraq in Cairo, where he call for all investors to find out the status of the Iraqi economy and investment opportunities, "pointing out that" the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Iraq exceeded $ 500 million, which hopes to increase during the coming period. "It is worth mentioning that the topics raised in the training program was promoting e-mail marketing as well as advertising for products and trade facilitation and support of the private sector through the Trade Point.