Certified copy approved by the Iraqi Council of Ministers on 27.08.2012 and submitted to the President of the House of Representatives in order to put forward for discussion and approval.

He called the Council of Ministers Council of Representatives approved bills of international agreements and a memorandum of understanding between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the United States, which had previously signed by representatives of both governments in the Jordanian capital Amman on 07.11.2005, and efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation for economic development social, political and balanced and integrated in Iraq.

The agreement stated that committed America to provide economic assistance and technical and humanitarian, while Iraq will have several items, including cooperation with the United States to ensure that you are purchasing prices and reasonable terms, and the issuance of the necessary permits for the importation of goods, supplies or materials or equipment and property related to this Convention and to help accelerate their movement through ports and transportation facilities, it clearance procedures Alkmarki, as well as to facilitate the issuance of visas to enter the Americans and allow experts to enter their equipment and belongings and their vehicles.

As stipulated by Iraq to take all necessary action to ensure that all officials with the authority of the rights, privileges and immunities granted under the conditions of the Convention by the U.S. and ensure that they respect her.

Also awarded convention officials the United States (without any limitation) to oversee the conduct of programs and operations covered by this Agreement and audit those programs and processes and audit restrictions related continuously including giving them the right to supervise and audit during the implementation of any of the programs and transactions for a period of three years after completion of the implementation The objective of this procedure is to give a chance to U.S. government officials preview things that have been purchased for the purposes of this Convention with funding from the U.S. government, and scrutiny any records and accounts relating to funds that have been submitted or relating to any contractual services are provided for the purposes of this Convention, with funding from the U.S. government.

The agreement also stipulates that “the Iraqi government to receive a special U.S. mission representing the Government of the United States and play this mission tasks and the responsibilities incumbent on the Government of the United States under this Convention.”

The special mission enjoy the same privileges and immunities granted to facilities and property of the U.S. diplomatic mission, which include, for example, of the inviolability and immunity of facilities and property and files of the special mission and the right to freedom of movement and communication.

As the Iraqi government will توفيرالأمن sufficient to ensure the security of facilities used by Special Delegation to do its mission and ensure its sanctity and immunity and therefore aware of the purpose of the Special Delegation only a further development of Iraq and to develop and promote the welfare of the Iraqi people may also for the U.S. government to provide adequate security for the Special Mission.

With regard to the privileges and immunities, stipulating the Convention states that agreed by the States to grant officers and employees the U.S. government (individuals and their families and residents with them) who are in Iraq to do tasks related to this agreement the same privileges and immunities granted to their counterparts who work at the U.S. Embassy and will carry arranged parallel to rank the privileges and immunities granted them under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

It also gave the Convention exemptions great for the United States and include the aim of ensuring the benefit of the Iraqi people to the fullest extent of assistance to be provided under the Convention, retired from all types of taxes any goods or supplies or equipment or property, services, or money into Iraq, including tax exploit property or deposit money in the bank allocates aid and exempted goods and services and equipment from customs and tax exempt income also financial deductions.

Iraq is committed to providing full information to the United States with regard to the provisions of the Convention and the sectors covered by the aid.

With regard to funds, it is the right of Iraq, the transfer of funds within the scope of the Convention any aid to the Iraqi dinar and the highest conversion rate, not of Iraq’s right to confiscate these funds under prosecution for the United States Government or any other legal action.