Naming al-Janabi, Chairman of the Committee, "a draft oil law"
02/09/2012 10:59
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network - chose the Joint Parliamentary Committee to choose the draft law of oil and gas, which includes six members of the Legal Committee and six of the Oil and Energy Committee Adnan al-Janabi head of the management committee meetings that began discussions file oil law "controversial."

The MP Adnan al-Janabi, the presidency of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary.

The decision of the Commission on oil and a member of the Joint Committee Qasim Muhammad's (Brief Center for the Iraqi Media Network) that
"the joint committee to choose a draft oil law chose MP Adnan al-Janabi, head of the management of meetings, after the first meeting last week."

He also explained that "there is a trend of all the political blocs need legislation law of oil and gas on the account represents a cornerstone of the Iraqi economy," noting that
"Paradise is derived from interventions first meeting that there tendencies to adopt the 2007 edition of the draft law of oil and gas."

And the decision of the Commission on oil and energy that "an agreement on a draft standard to the law of oil and gas needed to Tani and time to the importance of the oil and gas law."

And the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary three drafts of oil and gas laws are drafted in 2007, the draft Government and the Committee a draft of the proposed law.

Article (111) of the Constitution reads as follows: "Oil and gas is the property of all the Iraqi people in all the regions and governorates," while Article (112) reads as follows: "

First: The federal government will administer oil and gas extracted from current fields with the governments of the producing regions and provinces, to be distributed and imports fairly commensurate with the population distribution in all parts of the country. "