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According to a member of the National Alliance MP Walid al-Hilli said the political situation in Iraq better than it was in the past weeks.
The ornaments in his lecture weekly held in the city of Hilla that orientation became the dialogue between the political blocs to walk pending files elect the ministers of defense and interior, and agreed to pass laws pending in the House of Representatives, such as oil and gas law, and the law of the Federal Court, and the law of the Supreme Judicial Council, and the First Amendment to the election law and other files, and activation of the Offset Committee Ptainat special grades, as well as in solving problems with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq within the Iraqi Constitution and the laws in force.

He pointed out that the security file is still an obstacle to the progress of investment and reconstruction operations, noting that going into the hot political and security, economic and other became possible in light of the current atmosphere of dialogue.

He warned that some external actors and regional still trying to find a sectarian strife, racial or national in Iraq through the elements recruited for this purpose, wondering at the same time about the meaning of the campaign to buy arms from citizens by destinations suspicious illegal and at exorbitant prices without knowing the real reasons behind the purchase of arms.

And the Syrian situation said ornaments: The policy of non-interference the honored Syrian from any outside party or regional is our demand, and denounced the violence and assault on human dignity from any party whatsoever, warning policies Baath Party, which does not believe in the values ​​and principles, and its commitment to violence and persecution in the suppression of the masses in everywhere.

He underlined his support for the Iraqi initiative to resolve the Syrian crisis and raised in Summit Non-Aligned countries held in Tehran, warned at the same time of the war option and external intervention and the economic blockade of the brotherly Syrian people.

Then speaking member of a coalition of law, MP Ali Alfalh files in question and a dialogue with the audience was with the utmost openness and transparency and diagnosis of the reasons that stand to solve these problems. (End)