It is time to shed some light on all the rumors that are going around on various Dinar guru websites. Remember news is news it is just how you perceive it.

I have just returned from the bank of Baghdad, Governor Sinan Shabibi is in country as of Saturday he was seen on the Iraqi news here in Baghdad..... There has been a lot of talk about lower denominations being on the streets and at the banks waiting to be distributed along with the 1 Dinar and 2 Dinar coins.... I spoke with the bank manager Ali, “more like” I interrogated him; asking him questions about, various topics. He told me that they have not received the coins at this time and or the lower denominations. He said that they are still at the CBI and have not been issued and not one the streets or in the hands of shopkeepers/ benders, at this time. Also, Ali said that there are no shortage of dinar on the streets or US dollars…. Sorry for being the messenger of bad news. I did get a good look at the machine that they are using to count and to identify if the money is counterfeit or not, it is not a De Larue machine it is a CUMMIN UNIVERSAL JETSCAN most likely made in the Good old USA. And last but not least Hillary Clinton did not arrive today as expected; it was one of her subordinates which I cannot name because of security concerns.
Be safe, WAR