Washington unable to name an ambassador to Baghdad actually have the capacity to end the Iraq crisis?
Published 02/09/2012 06:37 AM

Washington - "arenas of Liberation"
Himself "arenas of Liberation" news of the Obama administration to send a U.S. delegation to Baghdad to discuss the situation in the country, which entered open crisis due to what was described as Washington's support for Maliki plans sole power and strengthen his grip on it.
In this regard, the American vision that accompanied the crisis management Iraqi political, remained where Washington closer to site spectator extent it failed to name an ambassador to Baghdad after months of retirement, James Jeffrey, and the withdrawal of Brett Macgork his candidacy after scandal leaked news secret journalist in "Wall Street Journal "for a relationship.

Two events Khalkhala in the Sea of ​​the past three months, what seemed a deficit Americans in Iraq, and the two are linked to the question itself "Iraq ... Friend America or Iran?", I regard information documented in Washington on the use of Tehran airs Iraqi flights carrying weapons and equipment for the benefit of system Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and second chapters are opened up earlier this month and the financial facilities provided by banking and financial institutions for the benefit of Iraqi Iran and pour directly into the arm's nuclear program.
In the event the first Baghdad says that a phone call between the charge of the Iraqi file at the White House, Vice President Joe Biden, with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, was enough to "give Baghdad a clear signal to Tehran to reject the use of Iraqi airspace for any trip to Syria for the transfer of weapons and equipment," But that Baghdad will be able to prevent Iran from using Iraqi airspace in the absence of a radar system arbitrator, unless illustrated novel Iraqi nor American.The second event on friendship Iraq to Iran, it seemed this time clear to the U.S. action, it is among the institutions of international banking touched by sanctions the U.S. administration for violating the ban on Iran, there was a bank "Elaph" Iraqi Islamic, whom he knew businessmen in Baghdad that "Foundation Iranian interface Iraqi. " The decision to boycott allows the United States of America book on all the Bank's foreign remittances.