The real reasons that called for the Minister of Communications, "Mohammed Allawi" to offer his resignation?

Palm - Asharq al-Awsat newspaper published issued in London on Thursday interview with the outgoing Minister of Communications "Mohammed Allawi," stated charges for prime minister and person of Prime Minister and information to the public about the truth of what happened in the Council of Ministers recently.

Also dwell on what he called by the real reasons that led him to resign from his ministry and the government and Iraq, noting a speech to the Saudi newspaper to a letter sent to the Prime Minister a day before leaving!! We do not know why the minister addresses Allawi his direct messages which meet him a week and a meeting can immediately on any given day if he wanted .. But is masterminded at night for a pretext to flee.

In response some media on the interview and gave that message Mohammed Allawi, accusing the prime minister to intervene and cover corrupt and included imposing conditions on the Prime Minister to pay to accept the resignation and only become "Minister" hero because he imposed conditions void before Prime Minister weak in front confirm contained a lie right Prime Minister and his office, a message to throw dust in the eyes on the base "their Angdy before dine me"

After the discovery of scandal decade placebo worth large sums very site with a small company turned out to be limited potential financial and efficiency and all its cards provided false and fake and owned by a Lebanese businessman hands "x j" and another Iraqi man, "p c" as well as the "morning Allawi" brother leader Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi, a cousin of outgoing Minister Mohammed Allawi, a resident of Beirut, not far from the signing of this contract, which has been the participation of one of the characters so close to the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr!!.

This contract was concocted and its preparation in Beirut and it was agreed that commission, which amounted to more than $ 100 million in the first phase, since the birds flying back and return it was carrying news pleased and sad at the same time.

News arrived for prime minister and the Integrity Commission and then was to make sure that modern construction company and all its cards submitted forged and did not pay $ 10 million as collateral for the implementation of the terms of the contract also provides ..

As well as the insistence of the Minister Mohammed Allawi dismissed Chancellor Hiam for its prominent role in exposing corruption this decade and its presence within the Commission of Inquiry that have been created on the orders and presidential revealed all the paperwork in front of everyone .. Here the minister hastened to write that letter circulated by the media and then fled to London.