Alwani: When Iraq remains without the ministers of defense and interior?

BAGHDAD (Iba). The MP said the coalition in Iraq Khalid Abdullah al-Alwani that the Iraqi people to suffer from degradation and poor security situation, which has seen a significant decrease during the recent times.Alwani asked in a press statement received by the independent press (Iba) a copy of "When Iraq remains without the ministers of defense and interior? Why this delay in the naming of the characters who will carry the defense and interior portfolios?.He noted that the matter is settled before the formation of the current government, where politicians agreed in Arbil to be an Iraqi defense and interior of the National Alliance.Alwani expressed great astonishment of how al-Maliki's ability to manage the ministries of defense and interior proxy, as well as the prime minister, stressing the need to expedite naming ministers of security and resolve this long-standing dilemma for an unreasonable period.In a separate context, student-Alwani members of the House of Representatives to vote on the amnesty law, saying it is the best gift made to the Iraqi people in light of the political crisis in which we are eight months ago. )