Money laundering in Iraq crime committed by influential whales
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By: Riaz Hani condiment / money laundering crime in Iraq as of phenomena criminal dangerous, her Tatherkber, so I took haunt society which required attention and eating a book of political and economic causes and manifestations and how to address them collectively and criticism of government's recent central bank policy. But my article is different from what my predecessors research addressed the points dark did not highlight them in Iraq in terms of criminal and investigative, it is difficult to give exact figures about the size of a money laundering offense in Iraq to the lack of accurate statistics to count the internal or the Supreme Judicial Council shadow absence device preventive destinations investigative, but sure that the amounts involved in this frame sizes up to astronomical. Whether those funds arising from organized crime Oan Alatjarepettherib oil they behave secret channels very to get legitimacy, so the inventory of sizes would only be approximate, to be clear that the fight against money laundering requires availability of a democratic system real be sovereignty in the people and is based on the separation of real power and full independence to spend a fairly wide range, but in the absence of these conditions often used laws in political conflict and exclusion of part of the community for the benefit of control last part of it.
One of the main tools of corruption of power that are suitable environment embraces corruption and protect the corrupt and be sponsors of the epicenter of corruption mismatch rampant and stems and expand and become the spoilers (money launderers) organization has at strong networks and stressful Taatmters behind regulations and legislation Legal open to interpretation for dips senior corrupt in the heart of the system but become are valuable the entire state to the extent that they can control legislation and prosecution and accountability Astitharhm power and control laws and in a state of collapse and political value system and establish a national institution of corruption that attracts in its ranks weak people and money laundering grows and grows up in the shadow of the conditions mentioned above. Then that confirms that the size of these funds has reached some enormous is the wealth that enjoyed by some of the wealthy Iraq adults, where there is no explanation for this enrichment obscene along impoverishment broad pan toilers only be through money laundering, organized crime and trafficking in contraband or a looting of public money. Have emerged some scandals through business deals illegally between some individuals or companies and some states in addition to some ministers and those with power and money you are talking about newspapers, and طاول corruption senior employees in the formal institutions posing a threat to the economic system as a whole and prevent the necessary reforms of the system , The seriousness of money laundering is reflected in it could use in the commission of crimes such as terrorism, as the smuggling of oil and its products, used to finance terrorist operations, as well as respect for the revenue theft of public money, as happened in the terrorist crimes that recorded in Iraq, which showed that many of the perpetrators they steal or kidnap people and of money stolen during the preparation of terrorist crimes.

Who commits this crime in Iraq
Of the most heinous crimes and the greatest to have the actor responsible state who developed the confidence and make the head of institution and make under his public money, and so on of countless examples abound in the ministries in the sophisticated and versatility and intelligence infinitely theft and waste of people's wealth in terms became Iraq of the first countries in corruption for this Iraq remains underdeveloped peaceful devastation and decline to back long remained the symbols and structures parasitic has lost to its lowest sense of patriotism and liarits sincere towards its people and homeland, between public benefit and private benefit in favor of a handful of rich and parasites to benefit the Gaza smuggling of chaos prices and rebound laundering dirty money! It turns extortion to weather my daily practiced by people of conscience rotting in the chaos and العماء overwhelming, to turn corruption inherent characteristic of successive governments as well as graft, has reached laundering dirty money extents maximum in the field of smuggling oil and its derivatives and manipulate dates ration and weights, size and fraud in quality .. To recover smugglers, middlemen and brokers, traders and contractors by virtue of their margin profit and inflation due to the absence of government control. And contributes to domestic investment in the trade not to support the national economy and provide added values, but to monopolize the market with a view to speculation and smuggling money out of the border and evasion of obligations and rumor laundering dirty money.

1 that a money laundering offense usually involving a group of people in most of the owners of the vast experience and not ordinary criminals, there is a layer of criminals committed this crime are: accountants, lawyers, bankers and crooks, they are crime converge where group experiences of experts in finance and banking and technical experts and the economy, investment
2 also involving some of the men in power in different positions of responsibility either because of personal greed or to achieve political goals They can not funded clean, which makes it more complicated. And do not require parties to any trouble and effort in the theft of public money and traded as long as her liarits hand and that its ministers are influential source in their hands the referee's decision and the state process washed be easy and simplified.
3 that central banks play a key role in this matter as institutions central banking has all the data and information and figures for aspects of the banks and investment firms and state revenues and therefore have devices to know the source of funds, movement and nature also has precautionary measures and devices inspection contribute significantly to the fight against money laundering.

Harmful to the economy and society
And appends money laundering damage to the national economy because of the presence economy cryptic Garazahr threatens the formal economy, as well as due to the instability of the economy as a result of rapid movement of funds because of globalization, as the banking operations may legitimize the funds obtained from a source other than a project in a country, turning it to a bank account in another country, especially the arms trade, money and oil smuggling, embezzlement and bribery as well as those used to finance terrorist operations. There are four dangers of money laundering are:
- Failure to protection against money laundering cause allow criminals to benefit from their illegal activities. - This failure allows the criminal organizations of supporting illegal activities further.
- Enable these criminals to use the banking system leads to the destruction of private financial institutions and the financial system as a whole.
- Facilitate the accumulation of power and enormous sums in the hands of criminals could threaten the economy and democracy.
- Money laundering poses a threat to the safety and stability of the government.
Re-export imported fuel and millions of dollars and sell it at competitive prices cheap to neighboring countries or the same exporting countries by dealing with the Centers for customs border claims that trucks pass beyond treadmill of cargo a full same imported fuel and Pkmath input to the homeland to that totaled thefts and the oil ministry only eight billion dollars as stated by Powered Integrity Commission. Of course oil smuggling not subject to this figure for being invisible.'s Also not there Mainbi that power deepened checks and follow up the billions that spilled, disappeared and return to the right.
That those funds come through the funds obtained illegally, arms Calcrqat and implementation of kidnappings. Intensify supervision on banking institutions and commercial banks and civil banking offices, in addition to coordination and cooperation with identifying points of this crime prevention with the development of an effective investigative order to combat the spread of this phenomenon.

Deterring the Iraqi national security
There close relationship between money-laundering stable political and security as Kthermen countries was to use the funds bleached, in election fraud, or to carry out espionage and intelligence operations, and often are created Contracting and fake companies to conduct business intelligence subversive purpose damaging structure of political, economic or social development in the country of countries.
Threatens money laundering People's Front of Interior because it affects national security and defense capability over foreign plots, especially interventions Aaforeigh in internal affairs ... and reflects money laundering fragility Altmshidq democratic and sabotage of citizenship rights and undermine the strength of community spirit, and intent to hold on to symbols and masters of corruption in the state apparatus, and the proof of poverty Media to create السايكولوجيا social resistance to corruption, to continue production mechanism of corruption as a reflection of poor distribution of wealth, and cracked the middle class and social map to ascend elites minority and been paying the majority to the bottom social, and deepens glaring disparity between Tabvh moderation and parasitic emerging among the majority of people.
Contribute money laundering funded electoral and parliamentary system through lavish spending on electoral campaigns are not in breach of the principle of equal opportunities, but in the rumor money laundering and economic corruption and the vigorous pursuit of Pirates of the contractors and the contractors and traders and businessmen and debt to buy immunities parliamentary and receivables to secure money and domination and restore what has been spent during the election campaigns! ... And threatens the progress of national partisanship without slack who Azbbh .. For money laundering is also rumored this time with new forms in search of the appropriate means of expression of opinions, attitudes and propositions! State terrorism and terrorism Giralovernma. Sian between them. Is the means and the tool and the most common method and safer today for the deployment of dirty money and laundered, and especially political money dirty, to swallow the state and civil society together. Leads money laundering to the unequal distribution of wealth, distributing wealth without work or effort and not exist in the national economy, the activities of non- legitimate and unauthorized also lead to widespread bribery and corruption. and there many pictures where اتتوفر our statistics riches political and administrative leaders and security in neighboring countries of Real Estate Companies and but there's really how it was smuggling the money (billions of dollars) and washed with other countries to turn them into money legitimacy

Washing crimes of others discovered
The failure was not detected sources of illicit funds being laundered is more annoying society, as it is certain that these funds are often funds Leaked of service projects or out of funds earmarked for development projects. Requires to investigate the crimes of money laundering and collect information about them familiarity with some procedures of financial investigations, Kalmrajah, accounting, and examination of financial documents, and in fact there are many similarities between the methods of financial investigations and methods of criminal investigations, does not differentiate between them only results that focus on financial investigator, and those focus of the criminal investigator, while seeking the first to detect deficiencies that lead to financial losses, that Mkhrbe souls and unscrupulous bad example enjoys men of the rulers and officials and owners Gah and Naim helped environmental conditions especially grew up with vibration values ​​and awareness and knowledge uncle poverty and ignorance of wealth seekers by all its means of looting and jumped and theft and bribes and other means of earning Sacred stand in any legislation or seek an executive performs his functions