Agreement on the reduction of the members of the Article 140 and headed Kurdish

Twilight News
/ revealed Kurdistan Alliance, on Saturday, reducing the number of members of the Article 140 of the disputed areas in the Constitution of 38 to 17 members, headed by Kurdish.

The MP said the Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Jihad told the "Twilight News", that "the agreement was to reduce the number of members of the Article 140 of the 38 members to 17 members only," stressing that "This measure comes due to repeated cases of non-achievement of a quorum for the meetings of the Committee because of absent members. "
Jihad said that "the Commission and after a reduction of 8 members of the National Alliance and the six members of the Iraqi List and the three members of the Kurdistan Alliance," he said, adding that "the chairmanship of the Committee will be assigned to a member of the Kurdistan Alliance Muhsin al-Sadoun."
The Article 140 Committee was formed on the basis of the above-mentioned article in the Iraqi constitution and headed in the first stage the leader of the Iraqi Communist Party Raid Fahmi and then entrusted the task chaired by the Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Ameri.
Article on solving the problem of the disputed areas between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government in particular and the problems of other disputed areas between the various Iraqi provinces, through the mechanism begins to normalize the situation and pass conduct census and concludes with a referendum in those areas.