Deputy for Iraq: the fears of some parties of the amnesty law is justified and blocs bent on legislation over the objection of Maliki

30.08.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - Add a comment -

Baghdad (news) said MP for the coalition in Iraq Muhammad Iqbal Omar, the Iraqi and the Sadrist movement, determined to legislation amnesty law as soon as possible despite the objection Prime Minister Maliki. Omar said in a statement received by the Agency (news) copy of it on Thursday: This matter has become a necessity which is the focus of a real test of the seriousness of the government in achieving reform or not, and that thousands of detainees awaiting today that solve their problems, especially since a large number of them do not have issues, and some of them spent four or five years in jail based on claims malicious and the victim of accusations confidential informant, and were subjected to various kinds of torture to extract confessions. added: that the legislation law and its implementation is a great opportunity to remedy these violations and to stop human rights violations, noting that obstacles approve amnesty many, including the fear of government to change the security reality and fear of some political parties that prejudice balance between the components. said: that these concerns are unwarranted and that the move to pardon thousands of innocent achieve justice and fairness to the community, who have suffered so much over the past years. continued: that strike detainees in prisons message went to the government and to the House of Representatives and the loud cry to the political parties all of In order to end this file, which has become a means of collective punishment and pressure paper haunt thousands of families.

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