MP: There are secret agreements between the leaders of the blocks and the reform paper and the national meeting just ink on paper
Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MP for the Kurdistan Islamic Union Uzair Hafez, the existence of confidentiality agreements between the leaders of the political blocs.
said Hafiz "of the Agency news", on Wednesday, the National Meeting and paper reform just ink on paper and talk on reforms just in the media, noting that: there secret agreements between the political blocs on the distribution of wealth, including the division of the budget in addition to the agreements behind the scenes known only to a small number of leaders of political blocs can not be declared before the people because they concern the interests of the blocks and not the national interest of the country, noting: that the political blocs if it wants reforms to began Since now provide services and real participation of all political blocs in the resolution.Reading: 92 Wednesday, August 29, 2012