Diplomat: Washington (trick) to bring American troops to Iraq

The time on Wednesday, 29 August / August 2012 09:04 |

Baghdad / Orr News

Revealed a diplomatic source close to one of the foreign embassies operating in Iraq that "visiting U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey to Iraq came to pressure on Prime Minister Nuri administration to restore its troops to Iraq."

The source said that "the U.S. administration put pressure on the Iraqi government to re-10 000 U.S. troops to bases equipment advanced quality to be a strike force," pointing out that "America under pressure from oil companies seeking viscous forces military believes have sufficient power to impose its presence after يقينها as a mistake to leave Iraq and they feel threatened termination of their contracts at any moment. "

The source explained, "the Kurdistan region when he collided with determination the central government to cross the Iraqi military forces to the Syrian border realized he would not be able to protect itself from the Iraqi army," explaining that "the region told the U.S. administration that they are ready to receive the American forces in any number," adding that "The U.S. administration and the region and the oil companies agreed to three figures candidate for the position of Nuri al-Maliki in the ousted in parliamentary elections or to withdraw confidence from it," noting that "three personalities are a candidate of the Supreme Council and a candidate from the Dawa party and the candidate of the independents in the Iraqi National Alliance" .