Tuesday, August 28 / August 2012 13:29

Parliamentary blocs agreed to vote on the draft general amnesty law in a session of the House of Representatives Monday.

A spokesman for the Iraqi List MP Haidar al-Mulla told all of Iraq [where] on Tuesday, “that during the meeting, which was convened by the Presidency of the Council of Representatives with the leaders and representatives of parliamentary blocs in parliament agreement was reached to vote on the amnesty law in the parliament session on Monday, especially after completion of hand crafted legal. “

He accused Mullah “coalition of state law to block the law was passed,” adding that “the Iraqi and appealing to all political forces and blocs to unify positions and work to pass the law.”

The House of Representatives has postponed a vote on the draft amnesty law until after the holiday of Eid al-Fitr because of the incompatibility of the political blocs to pass.

Attributed the Parliamentary Legal Committee to postpone the vote on the law during the last month of Ramadan to political differences despite the end of its drafting.

For its part, announced the Liberal bloc in Parliament of the Sadrist movement readiness general amnesty law and voting on it in the coming days, asking everyone to “non-political Bid.”

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