Organized in Erbil (Monday) seminar expanded on the draft constitution of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the presence of the heads of all parliamentary blocs in the Parliament of Kurdistan and the professionals of the Constitution and the law and representatives of civil society organizations concerned.

consists draft constitution of the Kurdistan region of 122 items, and it is running the province for nearly seven years, and has been certified on the draft constitution on August 24 of 2009, that put to a referendum to be valid, at the time demanding opposition forces to return him to Parliament to make amendments to it, as new Adnan Othman, a member of the MDC opposition in the Parliament of Kurdistan opposition movement to draft Constitution of the Territory current, and called for the need to reconsider some clauses of the Constitution, he said in an interview with Radio Free Iraq:

"We will not accept this current draft, it returns the region to the periods dark 'and establish a dictatorship, it is necessary to return the draft to an ad hoc committee, because the parliament is not of his powers to discuss the draft constitution. " and about the material controversial in the Constitution between the government and the opposition in the province says a member of the Movement for Change: "about the style of governance in Kurdistan, you remain the same that will be for the presidency of the province wide powers at the expense of parliament, or be the parliament the power to monitor the executive authorities , as well as other observations relating to the Constitutional Court and how the selection of judges. " and believes the Kurdish bloc in the Parliament of Kurdistan that can for political forces to reach agreement on material controversial, then Aahad legal mechanism for inclusion amendments in the draft constitution, and in this regard says Omar Nuraddina vice president of the Kurdish bloc in parliament which includes the two main Democratic and Patriotic Union:

"We believe that the draft constitution of the Kurdistan region does not need to return to parliament and return to square one, though there were comments or materials needed to debate, it must be through political forces, and then adapt these views which are between political forces in a legal way for inclusion in the Constitution. " It seems that the objections on the draft constitution of the Kurdistan region does not depend on the outskirts of the Kurdish opposition, but exceeded that to include other components in the region such as Turkomans and Assyrians, Chaldeans and Syriacs that have observations on this draft, and in this regard occur Salem Thomas Kaku of the mass of Iraq in Kurdistan Parliament, saying:

"We have our observations such as Turkomen and Assyrians, but we will look to when discussed with the Commission, there is ambiguity in some materials the draft constitution." The Kurdish parliament has been printed in 2009 million copies of the draft constitution of the Kurdistan region of Iraq after approval by the by Parliament and distributed to citizens to be informed, and who affirm their part and there are gaps in the draft, and they see that there is a need to bring it back to parliament and make adjustments on them, and says Sa'id Abdullah told Radio Free Iraq: "There is no doubt that the group shortcomings, and returned to parliament a bold step serve slice citizens ". either citizen Qasim Ahmed sees it would be a good step if bridge deficiencies in the draft, and added:

"There is nothing without shortcomings, and the Constitution of the Kurdistan region in which shortcomings, but with this it is a good step, and I hope that trying all parties fill gaps in it . " and refers citizens withstood Kazem that the draft constitution of the region does not meet the aspirations of the Kurdish after the changes that took place in Iraq and the region, and added: "the draft constitution in the general framework is weak and not meet the aspirations of the Kurdish people, and after the Kurdish uprising after the fall of the former Iraqi regime, he should this constitution would be more expanded and more comprehensive to the aspirations of the Kurdish people