Call to activate economic agreements with developed countries
Date: Monday 27/08/2012 08:24 am

Baghdad / term
called a member of the State of Law, former deputy Hadi al-Hassani, the need to activate all trade and economic agreements concluded with the developed countries, whether European or American or East Asian countries to develop national economy and promotion. said Hassani in a press statement that the article (110) of the Constitution Iraqi stressed the importance of organizing economic and trade relationship between Iraq and the countries of the developed world through the activation of economic agreements with Europe or America or East Asian countries such as China, Korea and Japan,

He continued: to do with its mission, which is intended to enter their company investment of state-building and the service sector and the training of human resources of the private sector. He added: should benefit from international expertise in the development of economic sectors and the promotion of the private sector in order to take its role in building the state because the general government sector proved its inability to contribute to building the national economy, calling for activating all trade and economic agreements with industrialized countries to promote domestic industry as a political vision and patriotism is consistent with the strategic dimensions of the state.