We accepted 17% of Iraqi budget as a sign of leniency until election, says Falah Mustafa
26/08/2012 15:27

ERBIL, August 26 (AKnews) – The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government's department of foreign relations stated that the region has accepted 17 percent of the budget as a sign of i gentleness until the general election will be held in the country.

In a press conference Falah Mustafa said: "What we see in Baghdad is procrastination in finding solutions for problems. It is just like throwing soil into the eyes of the people in order to hide the truth and tell people that Iraq doesn’t have any problems and only the Kurdistan Region is a problem in a time when the Iraqi issue is by far bigger than that.

"The Kurdistan Region deserves more than 17 percent of the Iraqi budget, we accepted that just to show gentleness until holding the general election. Despite his dictatorship mentality, Saddam Hussein gave between 13 percent to 15 percent of the budget to the region but in that time the region’s population was less than today.

"Iraqi officials' statement in Baghdad is like the population in other parts of Iraq has been increasing but the population in the region has gone backwards."

Mustafa added that if the law of gas and oil were introduced, Iraq would not have these problems today.

He also said: "Oil giants coming to the region, especially US ones, is evidence of the reality of the Kurdistan Region's oil policy."

By Rebin Hassan