Iraq, August 25, 2012

The long discussions over the creation of Oil and Gas law blueprint seem to face an end, when Latif Mustafa, member of Legal Parliamentary Committee, has stated his support for UNís participation over oil and gas law reformation.

MP Mustafa illustrated that UN Assistance Mission to Iraq (UNAMI) would not be harmful for the country, as according to him, such assistance from UN will help the country to organize its natural resources. He pointed such situation quite identical to the selection procedure of the members of Independent High Electoral Commission, where UN also provided its consultation too.

MP Mustafa further added that an important law drafting, which is concerned with oil and natural gas, should take place under the participation of UN to wipe out all the previous disputes between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Central Government. He also thinks that UNAMIís involvement will provide professionalism to the procedure and neutrality to the amendments of present Oil and Gas law.

On the other hand, an US role to involve UNAMI has been reported by some of the MPs of the country, in the important matter of Oil and Gas law draft to finish all the disputes.